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Client: Elite Garage Doors & Gates

Year: 2021

Timeframe: 24 days

Main Service: Web Development, Web Hosting

Epperson PT: Revolutionizing Physical Therapy Through Personalized Care

Epperson Physical Therapy, a pioneering mobile clinic, partnered with I/O Possible to enhance its digital footprint and extend its mission of providing personalized, one-on-one physical therapy care. Our collaboration aimed to showcase Epperson PT’s unique approach to healthcare, emphasizing their commitment to patient-centered care, superior results, and the extensive expertise of Dr. Shauna Epperson and her team.

Project Overview

Challenge: Epperson PT needed a digital platform to reflect its innovative approach to physical therapy, highlighting its specialized services and the personal journey of its founders. The goal was to attract patients seeking a more individualized and convenient physical therapy experience.

Solution: I/O Possible delivered a comprehensive digital strategy that included web development, targeted PPC campaigns, and strategic SEO services. This multi-faceted approach was designed to increase Epperson PT’s online visibility and connect them with individuals in need of specialized, mobile physical therapy services.

Project Highlights

  • Web Development: Our team crafted an engaging and informative website for Epperson PT, emphasizing the clinic’s mobile convenience, patient-centric care, and the wide range of specialized services offered. The site features easy navigation, detailed service descriptions, and personal stories of the founders, Dr. Shauna Epperson and Ryan Epperson.
  • PPC Campaigns: To drive targeted traffic and increase patient inquiries, we implemented PPC campaigns focused on Epperson PT’s core services, such as orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy. These campaigns were carefully tailored to reach individuals seeking personalized and mobile physical therapy solutions.
  • SEO Optimization: We optimized Epperson PT’s website with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and content strategies to improve their search engine ranking. This SEO effort aimed to enhance organic discovery, attracting more visitors to explore Epperson PT’s unique approach to physical therapy.


The collaboration between Epperson PT and I/O Possible has successfully broadened the clinic’s digital presence, connecting them with a wider audience seeking high-quality, personalized physical therapy services. The enhanced website, combined with effective PPC and SEO strategies, has not only increased Epperson PT’s online visibility but also reinforced their innovative approach to patient care.

This project highlights I/O Possible’s expertise in creating digital experiences that reflect the unique values and services of our clients. Visit Epperson PT to discover how their personalized, mobile physical therapy services are transforming patient care and achieving superior results.

Portfolio Details

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